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Karen Anand’s Farmers Market At The Royal Orchid

Karen Anand is often referred to as “the Martha Stewart of India”. Food, for her, is an experience that she loves to share. After first falling in love with food in Paris, she dedicated 25 years of her life towards writing about food and wine. She was awarded the Food & Spirit Award (Trophe de l'Esprit Alimentaire) for Culture by the French Government in October 2006.

Anand, with her team, initiated the Farmers’ Market. When asked about the thought behind Farmers’ Market, she said that growing up abroad she saw a many such markets where the local produce were bought and sold. “These markets have hundred percent local produce and mainly sell cheese, wine and food,” said Anand. In India, she says, it’s difficult to find a place that sells local gourmet food. “It’s difficult to make it a 100% local produce Farmers’ Market. So, we have made it 50% local produce and 50% gourmet and natural products,” she added.

Explaining how she would want to expand the concept to different venues in Bangalore Anand said that she would definitely be interested in making Framers’ Market a bigger event. Although she’s extremely happy with The Royal Orchid as it is spacious and ensures good crowd, she’s on the lookout for a bigger outdoor venue.

When asked if the people of Bangalore will savour the gourmet food, she said “Bangalore was my first choice”. She went on to explain that she tried it in Pune first, as she wanted to get it right before she brought it to Bangalore. She also mentioned that her local contact, Kapila Sengupta, is very efficient and will ensure that Bangalore Farmer’s Market (BFM) does well. “People of Bangalore are open to new things,” she added.

This weekend, BFM is all set to make it a family affair by letting Bangaloreans enjoy their food and drinks while their kids will be looked after in a cookery workshop area, especially for children. The exhibitors at BFM will be selling an array of food products from organic fresh produce, cheese, meats, sauces and preserves. So this Sunday Bangaloreans can soak in the sun at the lawns of Royal Orchid, walking around savouring healthy dishes, drinking, learning and meeting other food enthusiasts while being entertained by a live band.

Venue: The Royal Orchid, Domlur

Date: Sunday, 2nd March 2014

Time: 11 am to 7 pm