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Kutanadan Food Festival At Ente Keralam

To get a taste of the traditional cuisine of Kerala’s Alappuzha district, make a trip to Ente Keralam for the Kutanadan Food Festival, which is on till November 17. The festival will feature exquisite cuisine from Kutanadan, a region in the district, which is famous for some of the best freshwater fish. Hosting the festival will be Chefs Mariya Kutty Chedathi and Paily Chettan from the same region.

Highlights of the menu include karimeen pollichathu (pearl spot fish from Aleppey wrapped in banana leaf and grilled), kakka erachi (clam meat with onions and seasoning dry fried), erachi chap (tenderloin slices cooked in mildly spiced gravy), Kutanadan Kalanji curry (Kutanadan style preparation of kalanji fish) and tharavum roast (duck cooked in thick roasted onion and coconut).