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Let’s Get Somethings Straight About Japanese Food

Sushi has a reputation. Japanese food used to be considered adventurous now it is becoming more and more common. However first-timers still find some things a little jarring about it, although this has not stopped people from trying it out.

“On an average there are at least 3 – 4 tables per week that are trying Japanese food for the first time, “ says chef Kamlesh Joshi from Edo at ITC Gardenia. Chef recently gave master classes for Japanese cooking as well. “When we know there is a first timer in the outlet we always try to interact with them and initiate them with the cuisine and the culture.”

Despite its rising popularity, there is always a misconception surrounding the food. It is true that Sushi consists of raw fish and rice but it is just one form of Sushi not all the Sushi is raw, there is cooked Sushi too.
Secondly there is another misconception in people's mind that Sushi can only be eaten using chopsticks but the best way to eat Sushi is with their hands.
Also, a lot of people feel eating raw fish is unsafe. Fresh raw fish is low in calories and rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Eating bad sushi is a horrific experience for sure, as that could be dangerous. However, eating sushi is not dangerous as long as you try it in a reputable high end Japanese restaurant which provides premium quality food all the times.

“Recently I had a vegetarian enthusiastically try out some raw fish which is an honour indeed, “ Chef concludes.