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Lighting Ideas At Purple Turtles

Forget the boring tube lights and put away the old lampshades. Lighting is not just a functional part of the house. If you haven’t already, it’s time you recognize its aesthetic value too.

Purple Turtles is not your regular furniture store. For home owners, they are the go to place for contemporary home décor ideas. For Indian designers, they are the trusted platform to showcase their work. If conventional is not your thing, then this store is all the more reason for you to visit.

Here’s our pick of six amazing lighting fixtures from Purple Turtles that will alter and define the character of any home.

Distressed Chandeliers

Gone are the days when chandeliers were all gold and glitz. These lights are more endearing as vintage. And the distressed treatment does just that. The chandeliers at the store are made with wood, metal and crystals that look like fresh dewdrops. What we love about these lights is that each piece looks like it has a unique history.


Banana Fibre Lighting

These lamps are made of a versatile fibre that is biodegradable, recyclable and waterproof. They soften the light and give off a dull glow that makes the fibre look like a dried flower. The kind you chance upon every now and then in an old book. Our favourite is the stone pillar fixture, which offers a beautiful balance between rough and delicate textures.


Industrial Lights

Factory like lighting fixtures may not be your idea of home décor but there’s always at least one corner in the house that can afford to be offbeat. If not inside the house, try the balcony or the front porch. We especially like the upturned buckets and hand painted domes that read words like “emotion”, “scent” and “memories.”


White metal lamps

Romance is what comes to our mind when we look at these lights. With its intricate carvings, the shadows created are more alluring than the lights itself. The store calls it ‘shadow art.’ They are perfect to set an intimate mood and will keep you company for conversations that will go on till the wee hours of the night.


Wire lamps

These lamps easily blend with almost any type of interior design. Available in a variety of shapes, each one looks like a skilled potter has moulded it. Because of their skeletal body, the lights create a slight ripple effect. It’s almost as if you are privy to a secret world inside the lamps.


Shoji Paper Lamps and Mosaic Lanterns

The geometric patterns on these lamps and lanterns make you feel like you’re looking through a kaleidoscope. Except, there is no need to squint through a peephole. The Shoji paper lamps can be assembled in trios, and place either on your bedside table or the dressing table mantle. Hang the Mosaic lanterns in the kitchen or amidst your garden and let the colours speak for themselves.

What’s great about designer lights is that you can pick a few or just one to bring life to a room or the house. And the best part is that they look good even during the day.

Picture source: Purple Turles Facebook page