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Meet Chef Nimisha Sarah Verghese

Meet Chef Nimisha Sarah Verghese. Kitchen Executive and Head of Indian Kitchen, The Oberoi, Bengaluru.

What motivates you most as a chef?

Two things. The joy of a happy diner and the pleasure of discovering new flavours and textures in cooking.

Do you cook or do you create?
A bit of both actually. In a hotel you need consistency and quality every time. That’s the cooking part of it. But I do get the opportunity to experiment and create something new.

What’s your favourite cuisine?
Indian. With a special weakness for Kerala food (my hometown.) Indian food has this vastness and versatility, that I love. Its local and historical influences is something else I like to look out for. It’s interesting how culinary cultures from Persia, Europe and Asia have found a way into into our cuisine.

What’s your least favourite dish?
Anything bitter from beer to bitter gourd.

Have you ever cooked for your dad on Father’s Day?
Well, since I live with my family, every day off is a Father’s Day for me. I end up cooking something for him and my family.

What will you cook for him this Father’s Day?
I am working that day but, hoping to bake him his favourite banana-cinnamon bread.

Who is your greatest culinary inspiration?
My Grandma. She was an amazing cook and loved to feed us. She was full of passion, curiosity and commitment to the kitchen. This became very inspirational for me.

Your favourite TV cooking show is…?
If you believe it – Yan Can Cook. That is the show that inspired me to be a chef during my childhood days.