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Meet The Chef

Naresh Tuteja,
Executive Chef, Skylit, Citrus Hotels

How can healthy food be incorporated into gourmet restaurant eating?
Generally, a customer has a perception that healthy food is not delicious. As chefs we have to educate the customer that healthy food is delicious as well incorporating different cooking techniques, the latest equipment to cook fat free and incorporate fresher ingredients.

You worked in Australia for four years. Tell us more about Australian cuisine.
Australian cuisine now reflects the influence of globalisation. A variety of fruits and vegetables along with meats and seafood is widely available throughout the year. British and European traditions have influenced domestic cooking. The takeaway food sector with roast dinners, fish and chips and traditional Australian meat pie remains hugely popular.

To barbecue meat is considered traditional in Australia. Most preferred is red meat and seafood, Australia being the third largest fishing zone in the world.

Australian cities posses many famed food chains and nouvelle cuisine offering both local and international foods. Fusions of exotic influence are frequently termed as Modern Australian.

Which is the best city in India for the restaurant industry?
I personally prefer Bangalore to other cities.There are a good number of restaurants, take away and local joints which serve a tremendous variety of food of good quality. Bangalore being a cosmopolitan city, with people being exposed to global food trends results in a whole lot of contemporary restaurants. I also like Delhi for its variety and tasty food.

What are some of your signature dishes?
Some of my signature dishes are Lasagne Bolognese, Grilled Seafood and Roast Red Meats.

What made you decide to be a chef?
To my experience, kitchens are the heart of hotels. As I studied BHM from Mangalore and being a foodie, I was always fascinated by food preparations being done in the kitchen labs. We got so involved in cookery that all other subjects seemed very limited and to the point. Cookery was the only subject which was vast and a never ending learning experience. After my first year at college and Internship training at Le Meridian hotel, I had decided that it’s either kitchens or no hotel industry.

What do you like to eat at the end of a long day?

A small portion of salad or a soup followed with well-done meats, either continental or Indian curry along with a small serving of freshly done vegetables with breads to accompany and, a bite size dessert.