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Meet The Chef Behind FreshMenu

Chef Nabhojit Ghosh
Chief Culinary Officer at FreshMenu.
1. How different is it working for FreshMenu than a regular restaurant?

It is different... Yes, because we started from nowhere. We had to experiment a lot and
establish some dishes that would be possible to create quickly and send out on delivery that would last for nearly an hour and still be palatable. The whole working style and execution is entirely different from any standard food service operations.
2. What are some of your favourites to make?

Very difficult to pinpoint my favourites as there are so many elements in our menu (cuisines, food categories and recipes). Each food categories has many favourites and that would be too long a list. But just to highlight. - the rice bowls, the burgers, sandwiches, the mains with the grilled elements and not to forget the fancy desserts are all my favourite to make.

3. What are your favourite restaurants in bangalore?

Not many though as I really am not an eating out person. I keep trying various
restaurants, mostly have been good experience, but do not have any particular I
which can call my favourite, that is, I would like to go back again and again.

4. Why do you think services like Freshmenu are doing well today?
Possibly many attributes like fresh food, cooked to order, just like a restaurant format and it is
delivered to your doorstep. Unlike a restaurant there is always a surprise element, something new that comes round every other day. It is only getting more and more exciting over time.