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Meet The Chef From Sancho's

Chef Shiva Chettri,

Executive Chef at Sancho's

What's your choice of a Valentine's day dessert?

Anything with chocolate and strawberry, they make a delightful combination.

The Sancho's menu is exciting. What's a Chilaquiles?

A traditional Mexican dish of corn tortillas cut in quarters and lightly fried. These crispy tortilla triangles are topped with Green or red salsa or mole or can be layered with meat or vegetables. Chilaquiles are frequently eaten at breakfast or brunch and can be made with variation mixes.

If you had to cook a meal for your loved one what would it be?

Normally they don’t let me enter the kitchen, but if i do get the chance to cook then I will love to make Cantonese Style Pot roasted Chicken with steamy hot Rice.

If you had to go out to a restaurant which one would it be?

Harima – its old Japanese restaurant in Bangalore. I would love to try the Tempura Sushi with Prawns and Bento Box.

Best weekend getaway near Bangalore to visit?

Coorg -  its traditional is known for its nature and hospitality.

Sancho’s is offering a special four course brunch menu for Valentine’s Day.

Sancho’s, UB City, Bangalore