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Meet The Chef

Chef Ankit Mangla
Plaza Premium Lounge

From an Indian perspective, you have an interest in lesser known cuisines?
Yes I love Lebanese, Greek, Spanish, Moroccan and Turkish cuisine. I also love South American. My first job was in an Italian kitchen but I travelled a lot so it sparked my interest in Mediterranean as well. I love to read and research food. It keeps things interesting.

What made you decide to be a chef?
It was destiny that made me decide to be a chef. I had not planned it at all. But my passion was always food. I come from a Marwari family and food is very much a part of our culture and family gatherings. Even though I was vegetarian while growing up, in college I experimented with all kinds of foods.

Name a dish you like to make that we probably haven't heard of.
One thing I love to surprise guests with is Egyptian style poached eggs. They are poached in a spiced tomato sauce and are delicious.

Which cuisine do you like best?
To cook Italian always comes first. It is fresh and healthy. But to eat? After all these years of cooking and eating everything I have to say I love to eat good old Indian food.

Which cuisine do you see catching up in India next?
Korean food is really catching up in Delhi and Bombay, and even Bangalore. It is a new kind of Asian food getting popular. I think Mexican will also have its fans, it is very relatable to Indian food.

What are your plans for summer food?
Summer needs us to stay healthy and fresh, the menu includes a lot of fruits and veggies. We have watermelon breezers and Mango drinks. We have sugar free mango pancakes. We are doing a lot of salads as well. Probiotic salads are light and served with corn, lettuce, kidney beans and many healthy ingredients.