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Meet the Chef - Prem Koshy

Prem Koshy

Managing Director
Koshy’s Restaurant

Koshy’s opened as a restaurant and a bakery in 1952. What has changed?
We’ve stuck to the original look. The interiors have been renovated here and there.

Are there any changes to the menu since Koshy’s opened?
I wouldn’t call it a menu change, but we always have a new addition every week. We now have over 800 dishes to choose from.

When did you start manning the kitchen?
In 1991.

What was Koshy’s most popular dish when it first opened?
The Continental dishes were very popular.

What is your signature dish?
The Joshua Steak. It’s a very special steak, which I created for my son, Joshua.

Can you name a few dignitaries who have dined at Koshy’s back in the day when India got its independence?
Koshy’s was the official caterer to the Maharaja of Mysore. We’ve had Prime Ministers, Queen Elizabeth II and many more, eating at Koshy’s.