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Meet The Chefs

Chef Vipin Mogha and Rajender Joshi
The Oberoi

What is the most interesting dish on the Rajasthani menu?
There are quite a few as we will be showcasing more than twenty, but, we pick our top two.
Junglee Maas – ‘Junglee’ means wild game and ‘Maas’ means meat. It is believed that this recipe was created by Maharaja of Sailana (a state in Rajasthan). Post a hunting expedition, the game was cleaned, salted and cooked in Ghee (Indian clarified butter). To finish this succulent dish it is drizzled with crushed cayenne pepper.
Ker Sangri – a subtle combination of wild berries and dried beans cooked with yoghurt and native spices. This dish reflects Rajasthan’s arid terrain and how its cuisine has optimised its produce and balancing it with yoghurt which cools the system in an otherwise hot state.

Is there a misconception about Rajasthani food?
Might not want to term it misconception – but, we would like to showcase that Rajasthani cuisine embraces a wide variety that caters to both the vegetarian and non vegetarian palate. Thus, our buffet concept will make sure there are multiple favourites we can serve to our diners under one food theatre.

Are you guys from Rajathan?
Yes, Vipin’s ancestral roots are from Rajasthan but he grew up in Haryana. However, his family traditions kept him attached to his native cuisine. Rajender‘s father was a culinary expert in Rajasthani cuisine. He watched him growing up and says his father is one of his major inspirations to become a chef.

Name some unique desserts?
Ghewar, Kesari Rabri served with Jalebi, Besan ka Choorma and even Gond ke Laddoo. When you enjoy these desserts you need to lose the inhibitions of calories as all of them are indulgent and the expectations should be of rustic flavours not delicate nuances.

Which other cuisine do you like? Any similarities between that and Rajasthani food?
We both love Indian cuisine. The variety, textures and discovery of spices are amazing. Each kitchen, gharana and region is special and unique. Drawing similarities is not fair.

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The Oberoi, 37-39 MG Road, Bangalore