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Mixologist Johnson Kinsey Is Adding a Bangalore Twist To His Cocktails


Johnson Kinsey,

Visiting Mixologist From Australia , High Ultra Lounge

What's your favourite drink?

My favorite drink is actually one of my own creations ,”Shark Bite” a cocktail that was made by me inspired by the numerous shark you find in Australia. The cocktail is a soothing combination of sweet and bitter on the palate and has a beautiful visual appeal to it. The use of liquid nitrogen in the cocktail takes the overall experience to an

Tell us about the drinks inspired from Bangalore?

This is my first trip to India and the team at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway was kind enough to organise a city tour on my very first day to get the look. The journey was amazing and I picked on certain elements like the traffic which in my opinion is organised chaos and inspired me to make the cocktail “Bangalore Traffic”. The elements of the refreshing kokum I tasted also inspired me to make the “Kokum Cosmo”. The bitter sweet flavours of kokum are a beautiful combination with the classic.

What's your fav food and drink combo?

I personally prefer a cooling margarita with some Mexican food. The salty bitter cocktail brings out the best in the spicy Mexican cuisine. On the contrary, unlike my other colleagues, I love spicy food and a chili margarita along with some spicy tacos really

What's one Indian food that you love?

I have always had a connect to the Indian cuisine and its culture as my hotel back home in Australia has an Indian Restaurant. There are a plethora of options which makes it difficult for me to choose from but I really enjoy Lamb Korma with some Naan Breads.

How was your experience at HIGH Ultra Lounge Bangalore?

My experience so far in Bangalore with the team at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway and High Ultra Lounge has been eye opening seeing the level of enthusiasm and zeal in whatever they do. Also the hospitality I’ve received from them has been warm, welcoming and homely. The experience so far has been fun and I look forward to interact with a lot of guests and wow them with my specials.