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My Favourite Indiranagar Restaurants


I don't think there is any other place in Bengaluru that matches with the foodies heaven tag that Indiranagar has. We’re spoilt for choice. The variety and diversity of this neighbourhood’s restaurants cater to every food palate and pocket.

1) The number one place in my list is Toit. The energy levels and the vibe here is totally enticing. So is the food the drinks and the pricing. Crowded week nights are a testimony to their immense popularity.

2) Wanleys.
This has been the " comfort food" haunt for me for the past two decades. It serves the most “authentic Indian Chinese" food. And its inexpensive too. Their chilly pork is to die for. It’s not ideal for a sit down dinner, but it’s great for a take away.

3) Nagarjuna's
I just love the biriyani here. Have it with a side serving of andhra chilli chicken fry and a sweet lassi or lemon juice to wash it down. One of my favorite Sunday lunch time haunt this is. The Andhra veg meals too is simply delicious.

4) The Corner House
This place needs absolutely no introduction whatsoever to any bona fide bangalorean. The DBC takes care of those "I need to overdose on chocolate right now" days. Corner House is unadulterated chocolate bliss

5) Tyyabs
This is the place to go when after a late night movie, your food options are limited. Even after midnight, this place is still buzzing with people. Their jumbo chicken rolls , baida rotis and everything else is filling and satisfying. There’s graffiti written by happy customers on a bare brick wall and I also like the fact that their rolls don’t drip oil.

6) Beyond China
This is a very nice place for a comfortable Chinese meal. Everything on the menu is quite tasty and flavourful. Definitely value for money without taste being compromised. Dining here in the open air first floor area, gives you an old Bangalore unhurried feel.

6) 100 Ft
The pasta dishes available here is just amazing. Served along with the lovely wines on the list, this open air terrace dining experience is undoubtedly one of the best .

7) Milano's
The gelatos here are to die for ! No other way to describe. The range of flavors is happiness and the pricing is so absolutely pocket friendly.

8) Little Italy
They serve only vegetarian fare. But non vegetarians will be equally happy. Every dish is perfection. A meal here is sheer happiness. I just love this place unconditionally.

9) Indira Nagar Club
The food available here is wholesome and delicious. At rates that are almost cost price! Where else can you get a mug of beer for Rs 20? Love the filter coffee, the veg and non veg snacks and pretty much everything else on their menu

10) Barbecue Factory
A new entrant to the food scene here. The kababs , specially the dahi kabab and the biryani they serve is superb. At prices that are extremely competitive. Dining here is truly a happy experience.

Anu Naveen is a designer, blogger and the founder of the label Marmalade Sky.