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My Favourite Restaurants

by Honey Islam - Blogger

Having lived around Bangalore’s food districts (Indiranagar and Koramangala) for so many years, it would have been an irony to not have fallen in love with the food served in this part of town. You’ll find diverse gastronomical experiences, in wonderful locations. From cafes carved out of big old houses to edgy pubs, they all have uniqueness on their menus and a passion to serve the best food in the city.

Tayyabs, Indiranagar
If you aren’t dazzled by the bustling big restaurants on 80ft road Indiranagar, you would spot a tiny board directing you a cosy place called Tayyabs. This place welcomes you with a brilliant display of kebabs lined up on the barbeque and friendly people behind the counter to lift your mood. They specialize in rolls and kebabs and their beda rotis are a must try.

Look out for – Mutton Beda Roti, Chicken Tikka Kebabs, Reshmi Kebab and Afghani jumbo roll

Yogisthaan, Indiranagar
This is a quaint big bungalow tucked away from the limelight offering peace and greenery around it. An open garden turned health café with white furniture adds to the beauty of this place. You can see the menu is dominated by the healthier choices the café boasts about. It’s ideal for souls searching for organic food and clean eat out options without compromising taste. Brownie points for whole lot of charging points to keep your work going.

Look out for – their detox tea with home-made jaggery and ten grain bread

Chianti, Koramangala
Tuscany found its way to Bangalore through its finest cuisine and Chianti seems to be living upto its name by mesmerizing Bangaloreans with its carefully curated menu that exhibits nothing but the best taste of Italy. Italian delicacies like Cannelloni are one of the best to taste here, special mention for the Virgin Sangria, one of the best I’ve had here

Look out for – the Veg Platter and Cannelloni

Honey Islam is a Tax practitioner working with the big four firms. She finds solace in clean and natural food and captures her food stories on her blog Lifestyle, Hobbies, Delight and soon to be launched website.