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My Foodie Adventures


Bangalore is a food lovers paradise. I just moved to Bangalore a year ago and within this short span I have discovered many cuisines. I vote for Bangalore being the best city in India for food lovers to explore… here are some of my favourites.

Cafe Thulp
Located in Koramangala this place can be easily overlooked, so keep your eyes open. The place is very simple and nice. It is just off the main road but there is hardly any street noise. The restaurant is famous for its burgers. My favourite is Moo with Chicken and Cheese, which is super delicious: juicy, well cooked and definitely worth the price.

Tim Tai
This one is also located in Koramangala. I'm a huge fan of Chinese and Thai cuisine and it offers you a fusion of both. The staff is very courteous and welcoming. The Malaysian Chicken Flat Noodles are a must have, as well as the coconut based seafood Malaysian Curry which is such a delicacy. For the dessert I chose Water Chestnut Rubies with Coconut Milk and Coconut Panna Cotta. You'll enjoy this if you like coconut. And being a Malayali, i don't mind coconut :) After we were done they served us Green Tea ice cream with White Chocolate. Tim Thai was full of pleasant surprises and I absolutely loved it.
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