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My Suggestions for a Good Meal in Bangalore


I grew up in Bangalore, the city with its ever growing boundaries, yet with a centrally preserved heritage. The warmth of the city, with respect to food keeps the city close to my heart as my most favourite city to eat out. The quality of food available at nearly every nook and corner, enriched with variety, which is also fast and affordable is undeniable. Everywhere you go, you can see bustling streets with people huddled around eateries with hot steaming idlis, dosas, khara bhath and so on. It is such food that I find being close to my heart. But what makes some eateries my absolute go to is the history attached to them. Decades of good quality food, flooded with visitors even to this day, every single day. Here are some such places that spring to mind when I think about eating out in Bangalore.

MTR - Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, Lalbagh Road

Established in 1924, this simple yet legendary tiffin room has to be visited for the experience. Service for breakfast begins as early as six in the morning with crowds bustling until eleven. The Masala dosa, Khara Bhath, Rava Idli, Dahi Vadas are simply superb. You may need to wait for your turn, more so at the weekends but it is worth the wait. Service however is quick. Again, the popular lunch the meals with poori, a variety of Sagus, Bisibele Bhath, Curd Rice, Rasam, Sambar and the list goes on. There is an array of delicious desserts like Jamoon, the Chandrahara (on Sundays) all to be followed by the amazing filter coffee. You may need to make a booking for the lunch. This is the place to visit if you are in search of the authentic South Indian food at its best.

Must try foods: Masala Dosa, Khara bhath, Jamoon, Chandrahara, lunch thali, Filter Coffee.

Upahara Darshini, Jayanagar

If you happen to be strolling past this busy eatery especially around lunch time, do try out the south Indian meal. Don't be fooled by the size of the place or the decor. It's a compact place with fresh food and fast turnover of customers. You will notice youngsters and the elderly dining here.The food is at a nominal price, followed by a superb filter coffee to add to the fulfilment.

Must try foods : South Indian meal, Capsicum Masala, Badam Halwa, Filter Coffee

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant, Central Mall, Jayanagar 9th Block

Located conveniently, this restaurant could be one which you could visit when you are in a rush, yet want some good, filling very traditional North Indian food, be it after or in the midst of a shopping spree at the mall. Traditional Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisine that is served as a thali at the table that is sure to leave you satisfied. The service is super quick. Variety of side dishes, hot puffed up phulkas, sweets served non stop. You can simply eat without a care until you are full. I was amazed at the variety, authentic dishes from Dhoklas to Mung Dal Halwa to Malpua to Chaas and the super fast service.

Must try foods: Soft fluffy hot Phulkas with ghee, Malpua, Dal Baati Churma, Spicy Dal.

Anupama Nagarajakumar is the author/photographer at Easy Bites Online. Her focus has been on providing creative, healthier, easy to cook meals with an Indian touch to appeal to the global audience.