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Neelima Nitin tells us about the Best Indian Breakfasts in Bangalore



I was born and brought up in Maharashtra, and even though I am a vegetarian and foodie by birth. I am not hesitant to try anything new and in fact love to try different tastes and cooking styles. Most importantly I am blessed with foodie husband and son so wherever we go the main thing to search for is good food. For the last three years we have in Bangalore and have loved the flavours  of the city.


Our love for South Indian breakfast took us many places.


Brahmin's Coffee Baron Ranga Rao road, Basavanagudi


This place is very well known for their delicious but limited breakfast menu. They serve soft idlis with butter optional, vada, khara bath, kesari bath and awesome filter coffee and tea. You won't get sambar but the chutney is tasty A must visit place for  idli and vada lovers. Remember the timings though,  6:30 am to 11am and 3:30pm to 6:30 pm.


Taza Thindiin Jaynagar 4th block


This is another place you should surely visit. Taza Thindi  means fresh snacks and they do live up the name.

The food is no doubt tasty but another thing to admire is it's hygiene. The menu is like Brahmin's. The rates are quite reasonable.  The idlis are soft. The vada is what I liked the most. It sooo crispy. A Must visit place.


Guruon Bangalore Mysore highway

This place has the best tatte Idlis. They are soft and served hot with butter and masala vada accompanied with tasty garlic chutney and potato sagoo. There are plenty of tatte idli hotel's on the same way but Guru is one of the best.  


Kotta Kachori, Koramangala

We were tired after some shopping in Koramangala and were super hungry. Just across the road we saw Kotta kachori. Decided to try at least one. So went and packed the kachoris. While packing, out of curiosity I asked the seller meaning of kotta. He told me kotta means daal. There were two types of kachoris one is of daal and the other one of potatoes.  The  kachori is spicy but very tasty with dominant flavour of asafoetida. It was crisp. And the stuffing was also in good amount unlike the regular shops.

Waiting to visit the place again.


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