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On the Road with ITC Windsor

The real food culture of a country can be experienced only through its street food. What's Mexico without Burritos and what is France without crepes. Raj Pavilion at ITC windsor is ramping up their dinner buffet with street food counters from all over the world.

Executive Chef Uchit Vohra has prepared a grand menu to accompany the usual buffet. We had the chance to experience the Mexican street food counter and the Malaysian street food counter. Chef Prashant Joseph prepared us some excellent tacos and nachos with the three dips of beans, guac and sour cream baked together.

The Malaysian counter had our favorite Jala Rotis, this thinner cousin of dosas are a Malay delicacy. They were available in pink, green and yellow (all natural colors) and served with Prawn Sambal, Chicken Curry and a coconut veg gravy.

The dessert had something we had never tried before, a rare occasion - Ais Kacang. Literally meaning ice beans. Shaved ice topped with beans, coconut milk and syrup. A must try.

The other counters at the festival will be Spanish paella, traditional French crêpes from Brittany, aromatic Nasi Goreng from Indonesia, and artisan smoked Mongolian Grills.

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