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Restaurants on Radar


My husband and I have been frequenting restaurants in Bangalore for years. We counted the names and I was amazed to find 300+ places on the list but when someone asks me my favourite I become completely clueless.

So with great effort I have wracked my brain to find the names of few places which I like the most. For all my foodie friends and family, I would recommend these places:

Chokhi Dhani: The ambience of this restaurant is completely Rajasthani. This place offers fun, shopping and food all together. If you have visited the legendary Chokhi-Dhani in Jaipur, you know what you’re in for.

They have entertainment too. When you enter the door you can see a magician who does exciting tricks. I love the puppet show and yes they will also do oil champi. They have a shop with knick knacks from Rajasthan. They even have performances on weekends.

Let’s talk about the food - so much variety from Bajra Rotla, Gatte ki Sabzi, Chaas, Jalebi and Rabri and they will load the pulkas with ghee. I would say this place has complete entertainment and the food will fill your stomach and soul with satisfaction.

Ministry of Food, Hilton - This is the second on my list. I visited this place recently and it was an amazing experience. I will always remember this place for it was my first dining out with my 3 month old daughter (though she drank only milk). The restaurant is so calm and quiet and obviously I love the menu. The staff is courteous and attentive.

I also love Hilton because of their promotions and festivals like the Asian Food Festival where I got a chance to meet my Favourite Master Chef Vikas Khanna. Definitely would go there again and recommend all the foodies to visit the place.
Kirti Yadav is a founding member for www.plattershare.com. She is a die hard foodie and her eyes shine with joy when she has to prepare something exotic or has to try out new place. A computer science grad who has worked as training manager at various MNCs she recently started blogging at hurryhomehurry.wordpress.com