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Saha Wins Another

The much celebrated chef (and owner) of Bangalore’s tony restaurants, Caperberry and Fava, Abhijit Saha, has received yet another recognition of his skills - the Distinguished Restaurant Award. The award is given by Rocheston Accreditation Institute to recognise restaurants that achieve high standards.

According to the Rocheston website, “A Restaurant that is awarded the Distinguished Restaurant honor on the basis of having earned an exceptionally high aggregate on Rocheston's proprietary and patent pending Customer Happiness Index-CHI Score. Customer Happiness Index is a newly developed model that measures guest experiences that service providers deliver.”

Speaking to Explocity, Chef Saha said. “I am delighted as well as honoured to receive the award. What made it more deserved was that the awardees were chosen discreetly and there was no contest.

“It is based on a survey where restaurants are rated based on quality and service. So we would like to thank all our customers for their patronage because we received this honour thanks to them,” he added.

While the accolade has already been awarded to Caperberry, there will be a formal event in Chennai where the gold plated certificate will be presented to the restaurant.

“We value all the awards we receive and the fact that this is an international award from New York makes it even better.,” Saha concluded.

Caperberry, UB City.