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Seafood Wednesdays At Cubbon Pavilion

Take the perfect mid-week break with exotic seafood buffet and a drink to match.
The seafood culinary experience is on its way to entering a dramatic change. Cubbon Pavilion, at the ITC Gardenia celebrates 'Seafood Wednesdays' over a dinner buffet experience & appreciation. With a bountiful supply of the finest fruits of the sea; fresh catch from the rivers, ocean farms & shelled treasures cooked to perfection, every Wednesday of the week is set to be redefined into a gastronomic treat for all seafood lovers.
Watch the chefs in action, on stage, as they unveil an interactive theatre while showcasing the 'catch of the week' on the grill. With exotic seafood fillings, tossing up refreshing salads, rolling sushi, frying crispy tempura and stirring paella & risotto, the season’s specials boast of catch from across the local & international farm waters.
Creative culinary styles that vary across the artistic seafood buffet, visualized by Executive Chef, Vijay Malhotra, will highlight every Wednesday evening at the Cubbon Pavillion.
This delectable feast will be accompanied by a selection of top-notch spirits, international wines, innovative cocktails & chilled beverages from the beverage card in a relaxed, soothing ambience. Beer & champagne poaching will define distinct.
This 124-seater restaurant boasts of culinary excellence and the promise of an engaging dining delight, culminating in a grand finale of desserts.
So come in every Wednesday evening at Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia, and let your palate enjoy a whole new experience with this week’s edition of Seafood Wednesday.