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Shiifuudo Festival @ Teppan

Teppan Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar will be hosting the ‘Shiifuudo Festival’ (Seafood Festival).

The festival anchored by Chef June will showcase his culinary excellence at the seafood extravaganza. The Shiifuudo festival offers a la carte options of sushi, salads, starters, soups and main courses, as well as set meal options of maguro, shake and shell fish.

The a la carte salad menu offers wakame maguro sarada - Japanese cucumber and seaweed topped with pan-seared tuna dressed with lemon sesame soy, ebi shiitake sarada prawn and shiitake mushroom seared with sake dressed and lemon miso. The appetisers menu includes shake zucchini with miso pan seared salmon served on the bed of zucchini with spicy miso sauce, maguro yaki tuna marinated with sesame grilled and served with oyster lemon soy sauce. Soups include ebi miso shiru, a traditional Japanese soup made with fermented soybean paste, wakame, tofu, scallions and shrimps, and shiffudo shiru, assorted seafood clear soup with lemon soy.

The menu also offers a variety of options for sushi lovers like the maguro temaki handmade cone-shaped roll stuffed with delicately spiced tuna along with cucumber and tempura crunch, salmon & avocado temaki handmade cone-shaped roll stuffed with salmon and avocado tempura crunch. The main course menu includes grilled shake with teriyaki sauce, rock lobster grilled with lemon garlic soy, grilled Japanese scallops with creamy wasabi sauce and options for fried rice.