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Solace With Salads

As the summer heat tires you out, soothe your palate with Shiro’s refreshing salads.

Who said salads are dull and boring? Full of colour and flavour, the healthy dish tingles your appetite as it nourishes. The chefs at Shiro toss a variety of greens, fruits, meat and seafood to make flavorsome salads for a wholesome luncheon or a light evening snack. Savor Pomelo Salad with Thai Mint Dressing, Crispy Tofu with Assorted Vegetables, Crispy Lettuce with Peanut Dressing, Bang Bang Chicken Salad, Grilled Lemongrass Chicken Salad, Crispy Cambodian Pork Salad and more. The meal is priced at Rs. 2500 plus taxes per person.