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"Tarts are too boring," Vani Subramaniam Talks Food

Vani Subramaniam
What's the most expensive meal you've had and where?
This birthday meal at ITC Gardenia - it was a three course meal (minus alcohol). Not sure if it was worth it. But if we're looking at a regular rest bar kind of place, I & Monkey at Indiranagar. I liked the food at I & Monkey but it did pinch my pocket pretty bad.

Where do you get the best pizzas in Bangalore?
Pizzas, yikes, Toit? I'm not much of a Pizza person, but I would go with Toit and Dominoes.

What's the best food to have at home?
My mum makes this killer South Indian dish called 'Poricha Kozhumbu' that is peppery and healthy along with stuffed brinjal that is to die for.

What is one popular food you just don't like?
Tarts...I just don't get them. They're boring for me!

Which is your favourite place to unwind on a Friday night?
Toit. Always Toit. Best beer in town, food, familiar faces, live music or good music. I also really like this place called Dice n Dine in Koramangala. I love the theme they have and it's not too crowded. Its perfect for a chilled out day of board games and good conversation.