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The Burger For All At The Biere Club

Burgers are a well loved dish because it has the goodness of junk food and the wholesomeness of a full meal. The burger is also versatile and transforms to fit into all cuisines. This is celebrated at The International Burger Festival at The Biere Club.
The patty makes the burger and the type of patty makes the cuisine. At the burger festival the Japanese are represented with a teriyaki pulled pork and wasabi mayo burger, the Germans with a pork meatloaf topped with fried egg, the Greek with a quinoa, zucchini, red bean and beetroot tzatziki, India with an aloo gobi patty with crispy okra and achari salad, and of course, the original from USA with beef, grilled mushroom and BBQ sauce.
Another thing that is celebrated about the burger is how it pairs with beer. The craft brewery offers Ragi Biere to be paired with the burgers.
This menu is available at all Biere Club outlets below:
The Biere Club, Vittal Mallya Road
The Biere Club, Whitefield