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The Celebrated Tastes Of South India At Dakshin

Dakshin, serving the Celebrated Tastes of the South, is all set to celebrate the harvest festival of ‘MakaraSankranti.'

This year, Dakshin provides people with the perfect way of celebrating MakaraSankranti with an elaborate, traditional feast encompassing all the authentic, time-honoured recipes which usually grace this occasion. The classical ambience, incredible service standards and sheer cultural authenticity all come together to make it the perfect place to celebrate this festive occasion.

Look forward to indulging your palate with the tastes of avare kaazhu hookosu saaru, which is butter beans cooked in traditional Mysore style, aloo gadde badhane masale, which is green brinjal and potato dry preparation, while for the desserts one can enjoy sihi pongal – a sweet preparation of rice and lentils or semiya payasa – vermecilli cooked in sweetened and flavoured with crushed cardamoms.

The ‘MakaraSankranti’ is on for lunch on January 14, 2014.