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The Glass House Opens On Lavelle Road

There's another Glass House in Bangalore, but this time it's not in Lal Baugh.

A new restaurant has opened its doors to the city on Lavelle Road, where Mocha was once located. Called The Glass House, it belongs to the owners of City Bar, Siddarth Poojari and Rohinton Mottahed.

As the name suggests, the entire physical structure of The Glass House is made of glass. With a bar, deli and restaurant on the ground level; it also includes a lounge on the first level. The venue also includes an al fresco area, which is partially framed by a trough of water. Indoors, the restaurant includes a wine cellar and a private dining area, which has its own private bar and smoking area. The bar vertical stretch of the bar is located in such a way that it is accessible from both inside and outside.

While the lounge is yet to open, the restaurant, bar and deli are already operational. An interesting section of the restaurant is the hydrophonic vegetable display. These vegetables are grown only with water; no fertilizers or pesticides are used.

The food at The Glass House is what they like to call inspirational cuisine. “The cuisine we serve is based on continental but everything on the menu is a signature creation of ours,” says Natesan T, the restaurant manager. “Everybody serves continental food, but we like to call ours inspirational. That’s something different, right,” he goes on to say.

Some of the signature dishes at the restaurant are chicken firecracker, a starter where the chicken is marinated with mango puree, the mustard chicken served with baby potatoes and the teriyaki chicken pizza where the chicken is cooked in an oriental marinade.

From the bar, Natesan tells us of an exquisite drink called the Star of Africa, made of whiskey and angostura bitters served with cinnamon smoke. They also serve mocktails, smoothies and fresh juices. The raspberry smoothie and the pomegranate mint are among the popular choices, says Natesan. The wine list comprises more than around 150 varieties from Argentina, Italy, Australia and France, to name a few.

A meal for two at the restaurant, exclusive of drinks, would cost Rs 1500. With beverages, the bill could be anywhere between Rs 3000 to 4000.