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The Key To My Food Heaven


You would think that being a restaurant blogger I know exactly where to eat each time I step out.  Fact is, it takes a lot of wracking of grey cells. While I am always up for experimenting, there are a few restaurants that I can never get enough of.

Take Ranganna Military Hotel in Jayanagar for example. Every day is a good day to head here for some Kaima Curry and Ragi Mudde. The hand-chopped meat is cooked with their special masala mix, carefully chosen from the mounds of spices in KR Market, measured and then ground to perfection on the premises. Follow that up with a plate of Thale Mamsa (head meat) with its strong pepper flavour and Paratha. Round up with the Mutton Palav and you will know why this is my go-to place when I need a treat.

When the desire for sushi comes a knockin’ I head to Hae Kum Gang on Castle Street. Yes, the place is Korean, but it’s their innovative sushi menu that makes me head there. The Kas ‘o Tuna roll with nori, slivers of dried fish and teriyaki sauce, garnished with cheese and mustard is a delight.  The Pork Bulgogi Roll, packed with Watercress has a  perfectly balanced fat to meat proportion. The surprise is  the toasted garlic on top. The Fire Salmon Roll is a mouthful of flavour and texture.

When I want to feel special though, it’s Ottimo at ITC Gardenia. I love Italian but it’s the innovation that Chef Vittorio brings to your table that makes it worth it. The Parmigiana Di Melanzane or the deconstructed Parmigiana is a dainty little orb of deliciousness. The Ribollita, a classic Tuscan soup with fresh vegetables and generous lacing of pancetta is hearty. The Gnocchi, whether in tomato sauce or a trio of bell pepper sauce is like little pillows of delight. Be sure to dig into the Caponata that is served as an accompaniment on some of the dishes.


Ruth Dsouza Prabhu is a media professional. She is a work-from-home mother of an 8 year old girl. Her blog, bangaloresrestaurants.com chronicles her eating out experiences in the city.

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