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The Legends Of Bonsouth

Bonsouth’s new menu brings together what they refer to as their legendary delicacies. The menu has been created to commemorate 10 years of Bonsouth and their effort to bring the best of South Indian foods on one menu. The menu has been created by Chef Manu.
The menu has dishes like Andhra Steam Fish, Goan Jerked Prawns, Hyerabadi Mutton Chop, Karvepillae Kodi Roast, Dum Ka Mursh, Veg Alisa, Chettinad Babycorn Roast, Pinepapple Chuttadu as starters. For entrees, the dishes are Kai Kari Stew, Vadacurry Curry, Avial, Paalkatti Vengayathall Curry, Vendaka Masala, Kadamba Veg Sambar and Urlai Podimas. Steamed rice, Mixed Vegetable Biryani are served along with the curries. The non-vegetarian dishes are Allepey Fish Curry, Mutton Stew, Chicken Chettinad, Nandu Masala Parattal that is served with Bonsouth Special Biryani.
Paal Paniyaram, Pal Ada Payasam, Parrippu Pradamam, Gulab Jamun, Elaneer Payasam, and Sharkara Pongal Surprise are some of the many South Indian sweets on offer.
The menu is available till 6 October, 2016 and is on for lunch as well as dinner. Menu prices start at Rs 650 inclusive of all taxes.
At Bonsouth, Koramangala.