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The Newest Food Truck in Bangalore

Three friends start a food truck business in Bangalore and locating them is really quite easy. Just follow the SWAT truck team on social media and you’ll get updates on where they will be parked each day.

In the movie Chef, Jon Favreau quits his high end chef job to drive around the US in his own food truck. These three friends from Bangalore were already half way there when the movie was released.

The Swat truck is owned by Jimson Johns, Leoma D'souza and Vivek Cornelio. Three friends who had the idea that Bangalore needs a food truck. Bangalore has always been very receptive to cosmopolitan ideas like these (think breweries, baos and baking companies). Over the past year there have been a couple of new food trucks. A trend that is catching on.

Johns and D’souza come from the hospitality background. They knew the food business, but still setting up something different was a challenge. D’souza travelled a lot and found inspiration in food trucks in Orlando, US.

“Our menu is very unique too. In true American style we have Mac and Cheese burgers, All American Meat burgers and deep fried Oreos,” Vivek Cornelio told Explocity. Every day the truck parks at a new location in the city and diners and come and enjoy the dishes.

“Our followers are very active. For example, we didn't know BTM well, so in the morning we sent out a Whatsapp group msg asking where to park. And they helped us out.”

There were some issues with licensing but only because there are no laws regarding food trucks in India yet. But the truck has got a central catering license and a vendor’s license. They have all the food safety clearance as well.

Making the truck itself was a another challenge. “It was a new concept in India to customise the truck. And even though none of us are engineers we did it all ourselves.”

Sometimes you feel all New York-y and crave a corn dog from a food truck. SWAT is for those times.