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The Scots Are Back At The Taj West End At The Masala Klub

In its early days in the 1800s, the wing that flanks the right side of the main building at the Taj West End, was home to the Grenadier Guards from Scotland. The ground floor had the stables and the cavaliers lived above. We don't know what brand of scotch they consumed (in lugubrious quantity we are sure), but the Scots are Back at the Taj West End at the Masala Klub.

While the shores of the Isle of Skye maybe rugged, their whisky sure is fine. Talisker (a brand usually visible at Duty Free shops) and Masala Klub redefine the business of pairing: why always associate fine food with fine wine? Executive Chef Sandeep Narang’s menu is paired with whisky.
The menu for this special pairing comprises dishes like Anardana Pudina Aloo, Tandoori Nalli, Lucknavi Gosht Biryani, Harimiri Jingha and Lasooni Palak. Sweets like Gulukand Rasmalai, Elaichi Ka Jamun and malai kulfi are few of the dishes on the menu.
Indian cuisine is spicy, flavourful and aromatic and Talisker is said to be known for its “smoky and peppery” flavour.
The food and whisky pairing is on till 30 September, 2016 and is available for dinner. The dinner is priced at Rs 3000 plus taxes.
At Masala Klub, The Taj West End.