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The Tri-Colours Dominate the Menu at the Lalit


Saffron, white and green. The colours of our country’s flag, and the perfect colours for Pulao. “Namaskar,” smiles Chef Gopal Jha at 24/7, the restaurant at Lalit Ashok. “All the dishes on our special Republic Day menu are bathed in the three colours. We have made it our theme.”

The aforementioned Tiranga Pulao is decked with green peas, white rice and royal saffron. Even the curries and the gravies have the common theme. The dessert counter has Rasgullas which are in the three colours and the popular Bengali sweets Sandesh. Kiwis and oranges are atop the cakes.

“We only use natural colouring here at The Lalit, “ said Chef. All the colours are from the ingredients itself - coriander, carrots, broccoli, pumpkins and bell peppers. No artificial colours are used, except for some of the dishes which are for display only, which looked yummy too!

Although the focus is entirely on Indian dishes, there are some international classics too. The Pasta is served three ways - with white Bechamel sauce, fiery orange Arrabiata sauce and green Pesto sauce. “After all the Italian flag has very similar colours,” laughs Chef.