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The Vibe That Lady Baga Emits Feels Like Old Bangalore

Goa emits many things. But although it is a restaurant inspired by the world famous Goan beach, the vibe that Lady Baga emits feels like old Bangalore. A cliche of Goa is an idyllic afternoon, an elderly man sitting on his porch sipping his fenny between doses of his nap. Visiting Lady Baga, we realise Bangalore wasn’t that different back in the day. Just more orthodox. But a laid back Bangalorean could easily move to coastal Goa and enjoy the nothingness of it all.

Lady Baga brings that laid back vibe to the center of Bangalore. On Lavelle Road, this Baga beach shack style restaurant offers Goan food, beer and for the rest of November, gin. Their Grills and Gin festival has sizzlers and gin cocktails. Those familiar with Martin’s in Goa might enjoy this vibe.

While the regular menu has Goan delicacies like the Goan Chorizo with Pav and Goan cutlets, the grills menu has that special tele transporting machine called a sizzler plate. The sound of that sizzle immediately transports you to an open air shack by the Arabian Sea with your feet in the sand.

The menu offers meats like chicken, fish, beef, bratwurst and jumbo prawns. Each of these can be had in a sauce of your liking. There are the traditional Goan Recheado and Bancal to the more international lemon butter garlic, whiskey barbecue and chimichurri. There are veg options of paneer, halloumi, and mushroom.

The gin cocktails are refreshing while the combinations are quite innovative. The Five Spice Tea and the Berries in Anjuna come recommended.

So this November, if you can’t make the trip to Goa, a visit to Lady Baga could be an alternative. Rumour has it that they are planning live jazz once a week. That's certainly something that is a cerebral Bangalore  vibe to Goa's don't-think-just-chill hype.

Till 30 November, Lady Baga, Lavelle Road.