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Three Classics of Bangalore


The three restaurants that I will talk about are quite well known in Bangalore but do deserve a write up. I’m an out an out lover of Indian food. Meghana Foods is famed all over Bangalore for their Biryani. Obviously I am a fan of that (which Bangalorean would claim otherwise), but also many people don’t know about the fantastic Andhra meals they serve at their Residency Road branch. It can compete with any of the giants like Nagarjuna and Bheema. It is my Saturday afternoon staple and it is followed by a long nap.


Another place which I visit very frequently with friends is Plan B. Their chicken wings are divine and the many different flavours make is so difficult to choose from. I’m a big fan of their burgers also but they are so big that I can never finish any completely. I love the ambiance there even though it is a bit cramped in the evenings.


Bangalore is famous for its breweries and my favourite has to be Arbor Brewing Company. The crowd there is phenomenal. My favourite beer is the Bangalore Bliss, it just hits the right notes. They have a great selection of snacks as well. The Mac and Cheese is yummy! It is a perfect place for a rainy Bangalore evening, the view of the traffic is calming.


A.G. Divye is a techie by profession, but blogger by passion.