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Troika's weekend Brunch

Troika’s weekend brunch buffet has a mix of Oriental, Mediterranean and coastal cuisines served from the live interactive kitchen.

The menu includes an elaborate spread of appetisers. The dimsum station offers different flavours - veg suimai, crystal chicken, lamb kothe and more. There is also an array of soups and salad laid on the cold buffet.

For the main course, one can opt for the Oriental food - served straight from the wok to the plate. There is an assortment of pastas on offer at the pasta station. If you fancy some south Indian food, head to the coastal station serving ghee roast dosas or idiappams with chicken pulimunchi. One can also choose from the Mediterranean menu, which includes lasagna, spinach gnocchi, chicken roulade and more. There is a wide range of desserts, while live music plays in the background.