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Ugadi, The Begining Of A New Year At ITC Windsor

Dakshin, the specialty restaurant at ITC Windsor is all set to step into the beginning of a new era, Ugadi.

Master Chef Jayasurya and his team have put together a celebratory menu for the occasion. They tease the guests’ palates with majige (buttermilk tempered with mustard, curry leaves and red chillies), masaru vada (fried lentil doughnuts soaked in flavoured yogurt). A hearty meal follows with an assortment of vegetarian dishes, tarkari saaru (mixed vegetables cooked in coconut milk and lentil), aloogadde playa (potatoes tempered with mustard and curry leaves) and much more. Patrons also get a taste of the traditional Ugadi dish, obbattu (lentils and jaggery stuffed flour pancakes, grilled in ghee). But no meal is complete without dessert and Dakshin has a wide variety of traditional desserts, badami hallu (almond flavoured milk) or hesarubele payasa (yellow lentil cooked in milk and jaggery).

A perfect way to begin the New Year at Dakshin.

Price: Rs 1400 + taxes (only lunch)