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Very Vegetarian: My Favourite Places


Bengaluru has become every foodie’s paradise. It has grown superbly and every one wants to have a home here. I am from Udupi and famous for its Udupi ‘Hotels’ (in Udupi parlance, ‘hotel’ is sort of synonymous with ‘restaurant’). This also means vegetarian food.

Let me introduce you to some places I go to in Bengaluru. These are restaurants very famous for their good quality of food and service.

My first choice is MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Room). This is one of the oldest and the still best in town. They serve Dosas, Idli, Poori - Saagu, Kesari Bath and Upma. They also serve sweets like Rasmalai and Basundi. All items are delicious and the coffee is the best in the city. Diners must taste their Rava Idli. Legend says that MTR invented Rava Idli during Second World War, since there was scarcity of rice during war time.

The other restaurant I like is Maiyas which is in Malleswaram. They have a caption saying ,Maiyas - Made With Love,, and they live up to it. Mini Thalis. snacks like Vadas, Onion Pakodas, Mangalore Bondas are a must try here. Lovely ambiance. They also have a Maiyas condiments and sweets shop.

Another place I love is Higher Taste Restaurant. This Restaurant is next to the Iskcon Temple and serves the most amazing food is made without onions or garlic. The Naans and Rotis are soft. This restaurant has both a buffet system and la carte as well. The curries like Elneer Curry and Malabar Spinach Curry are awesome.

And I must not forget Asha's, in Malleshwaram again. The curries are mildly spicy. I love their sweets too. I love their soft Mysore Paks which just melt in your mouth. Dishes like Kashmiri Pulao and Dum Biriyani are lovely here.

Nalini Somayaji loves traveling, cooking and reading books. She is an animal and nature lover. She blogs at nsomayaji.blogspot.in. She credits her son Ravi as the inspiration for the blog.