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Yauatcha Terrace, Now In Bangalore

Abhishek Bindal,



Yauatcha Terrace officially launches on Friday, March 4. We catch up with the folks who made it happen

What's a good Asian bar snack?

Small eats like dim sum, or stir fry tiger prawns make a great bar snack. The Vegetarian/ Meat steamed and fried dim sum baskets and platters at Yauatcha make for an ideal order when out in groups with friends and family. Mantou bread works best when you need something to satiate the carb craving.


Tell us about the drinks menu at Yauatcha.

Our extensive drinks menu include Yauatcha signatures like Cha La Lai and Lalu, spicy drinks like Thea Martini and Ginger Martini. We have included fruit blends like Kiwi and Lime, Lime and Passion among others for the teetotallers. We also have a wide selection of Indian and international wines, by the glass and bottle along with International and IMFL spirits in Vodka, Whiskey and Gin and Rum. All cocktails and fruit blends are made with Asian ingredients like lemongrass, passion fruit, lemon,Thai chilli, mandarin etc. Additionally, our cocktails also have tea as an ingredient in them, like Cha La Lai and Lalu that contain oolong tea and jasmine tea.


In your travels what is the most interesting drink you have had?

A cocktail with a chocolate rim, gold dust and Lagavulin 16 vapour is the most interesting one I have had at HKK London.

Yauatcha Terrace, Level 6, 1 MG Road Mall, MG Road, Bangalore