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Yuletide Build Up At Olive Beach

In the run-up to Christmas, Olive Beach hosts a dinner fit for those who are not on the Nativity Fast. Three courses of a pre-Christmas dinner will relax the stomach muscles in preparation for the Christmas Day feast.
The offers on the festive three-course menu are Soup of Lentils and Smoked Ham or Roasted Pumpkin and Charred Pepper soup to begin the meal. For appetisers there is a Bisteeya of Slow Cooked Chicken and Spices or a Mushroom and Brie Puff Pie. The entree options are Sous Vide Salmon, Roasted Chicken Roulade with Sage and Pepper Chicken Mince or a Pot Pie of Winter Root Vegetables. The pre Christmas dessert options are Mini Bûche de Noel (Yule Log in fancy talk) or Baked Vanilla Bean Cheesecake.
And Christmas cocktails. Of course. There’s Snowfall Martini, Christmas Ivy, Christmas White Russian and Tom & Jerry (the last one we presume is designed to get your mouse roaring.)
The three-course pre-Christmas dinner menu is available till 24 December, 2016 from 7pm onwards. The meal is prices at Rs 1750 plus taxes per person.
At Olive Beach.