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Forty Years And The Tradition Grows At Deepam

Four decades in, Deepam is still shining bright in the business of silk saris.

Clearly shopping at Deepam is not just about the saris.

“We make sure they have a truly world class shopping experience,” Pramila C, the business head of the landmark silk store on MG Road, told us.

A second-generation head of the store (her father, M Chandrashekar founded it), Pramila said that Deepam set shop for the first time on Commercial Street, forty years ago in December.

Four decades and two stores later, Deepam has become synonymous with silk in the city. And it falls to her to pass on the tradition of Kanjeevaram saris and other ethnic wear.

“It’s good for the next gen to take over and take the brand to a new level,” she said, about carrying on the business from her father.

What will she do differently?

Not much. Pramila said the Deepam brand doesn’t require any revamping. “People like it the way it is. They are comfortable with the traditional product line and sales staff. So for the time being we are going to keep it that way,” she said.

Deepam’s product offering includes men’s and women’s wear which range from casual and formal to party and wedding outfits. They also have a dedicated floor for brides and bridegrooms.

But what Deepam is known for is designer Kanjeevarams, which are made using gold thread. “Each sari is a heritage by itself. It’s a kind of timeless elegance, which is passed on from one generation to another,” Pramila explained.

The company owns 120 looms located across the length and breadth of the country. The brand’s exclusive master weavers work these looms to create the saris.

Part of Deepam’s effort is to ensure that their collection is “one of a kind”. “Once design a sari or an outfit, we don’t recreate it,” Pramila said with pride, “it’s what the customers take pride in when they wear a Deepam sari.”

Her father shares a similar sentiment. "Deepam saris are a legacy. Any occasion, be it a wedding or a party, would be incomplete without a Deepam sari," he said.

Deepam’s customers are diverse. Pramila said their customers including celebrities, bureaucrats, Bangaloreans-at-large from India and abroad, come to them. And they believe every customer is important to them. “Whether you buy a sari worth Rs 5000 or five lakh, we believe you have to be treated well,” Pramila said.

House stylists provide customised shopping advice. Regulars sign up for the Deepam Silk Elite privilege card. Invites to fashion shows, Bollywood events, spa/hotel/movie vouchers as well as in house boutique facilities are just a few of the perks.

Silk may be a luxury. But in Bangalore, silk is tradition. And Deepam is indisputably an important stop among city landmarks. “A visit to Bangalore is not complete without a visit to Deepam,” Pramila said, happily.

Deepam regulars say this is with good reason. Because Deepam delivers on its promise in volume… or should we say metres.

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