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How Cities Around The World Celebrate Midnight On New Year’s Eve

Or here’s another great, very original idea—have our own ball drop from the top of the Public Utility Building.

In Bangalore we don’t have a specific way in which the city celebrates the turn of the year at midnight. 

Other cities around the world do. Many of them have spectacular fireworks displays, usually around iconic city structures. Great examples of these would be the Sydney Opera House, the Burj Khalifa, the London Eye and the Eiffel Tower.

New Year Fireworks in Dubai

Some of them officially sanction street parties and parades. These events often feature live music, food, and other entertainment.

Similarly, some cities host concerts featuring popular musicians to celebrate the new year. These concerts are often held in large venues such as arenas or stadiums.

Of course, the most iconic of them all is the ball drop in New York City. A large ball, often adorned with lights and decorations, is carefully dropped from the top of the Times Building at the stroke of midnight.

The ball drop has been a New Year's Eve tradition in Times Square since 1907, when it was first introduced by the owner of The New York Times, Alfred Ochs. The ball drop was originally intended as a way to celebrate the opening of the newspaper's new headquarters, but it quickly became a popular tradition among New Yorkers and tourists alike.

The ball itself is a massive, geodesic sphere that weighs over 12,000 pounds and is covered in over 2,600 Waterford Crystal triangles. The ball is lit up by over 32,000 LED lights, which give it a dazzling, sparkling appearance. The ball is mounted on a flagpole atop One Times Square, a building located at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and 42nd Street.

As midnight approaches on New Year's Eve, the ball begins its descent down the flagpole, dropping a total of 141 feet in just under a minute. As the ball reaches the bottom of the flagpole, a chorus of cheers erupts from the crowds below and confetti showers down from the sky.

The ball drop is televised live on television and is seen by millions of people around the world. In addition to the ball drop itself, the event features live performances by popular musicians and celebrities, as well as special programming and interviews with notable figures.

While the ball drop is the main attraction of New Year's Eve in Times Square, it's not the only thing happening in the city. Many people also attend parties, concerts, and other events to celebrate the new year. The city is alive with energy and excitement, as people come together to ring in the new year in style.

Despite the cold temperatures and crowded streets, the ball drop in Times Square is a beloved tradition that attracts people from all walks of life. Whether you're a native New Yorker or a tourist visiting the city, the ball drop is an unforgettable experience that you'll never forget.

Here is a video featuring the ball drop.


Although in Bangalore we have another New Year’s Day, later in the year—Ugadi—the January 01 celebration has been a long standing tradition with a large crowd gathering on MG Road, which is blocked off for traffic.

In fact, business establishments in the vicinity shut shop even as early as 5pm—and downtown is quite deserted late in the evening until the midnight revellers show up.

While this event used to be a source of great cheer for decades in Bangalore, things have become a tad ugly in recent years, with a lot of drunken misbehaviour and malicious acts. You would do well to avoid street crowds altogether on New Year’s eve, even if it means taking circuitous routes to get to where you want to go.

The city would do well to take over the celebration and put some process in place to ensure that the celebration can become a fun, family friendly event. Fireworks on Ulsoor Lake would be one way of doing it. Parade parties on MG Road and Church Street could be another…do the same thing—but sanctioning and organising it officially would give pause to “rowdy elements”.

Or here’s another great, very original idea—have our own ball drop from the top of the Public Utility Building.

And then set off the fireworks and have a street party, of course.

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