No one really knows how Kottbullar, - Meatballs with Cream Sauce - ever became Sweden’s representative delicacy. The "Kottbullar med graddsas’ is the Swede’s go-to dish, typically served with pressgurka (pressed cucumber), raroda lingon (lingonberry sauce) and potatismos (mashed potatoes). The dish was apparently brought into the country by King Charles XII, after his exile in Istanbul in 1713.

Kottbullar - pronounced “Shuht-buller” - is traditionally made with pork and beef, and may sometimes also include veal. But is there really a traditional way to cook it? Over the years, these meatballs – made popular by the Muppets as Sweden’s most popular dish -  has taken its own innovative forms. IKEA for example, recently shared a recipe of this dish prepared from horse meat.

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