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Meet The Chef - Maharaj Jodharam Choudhary

Maharaj Jodharam Choudary
Chef at Khandani Rajdhani 
1. How long have you been a chef?
For over 45 years

2. What inspired you to take up cooking?
Since childhood I had an interest in cooking. I used to watch my mother cooking and started experimenting at an early stage. I fell in love with the idea of feeding people with creative and innovative dishes.

3. What are your signature dishes?
Undhiyu, mohanthal, shrikhand, puran poli

4. What has been your most memorable moment as a chef?
Whenever people eat food prepared by me and appreciate it

5. Why do you think there aren't many women chef around?
Women are the best chefs in the world but when it comes to commercial cooking it often involves odd and long working hours due to which professionally many females do not take it up.


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