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MTC - Chef Bakul Kodikal

Chef Bakul Kodikal

Regional Kitchen Manager

California Pizza Kitchen

What drew you to cooking?

My mom is an excellent cook and she really inspires me. The passion for cooking got into me early on.


How long have you been a chef?

I complete 15 years of cooking this year.


What has been your most memorable moment as a chef?


The most memorable moment was the opening day of California Pizza Kitchen in Mumbai. We expected 150 guests on the first day, and 700 of them turned up. One of the best launches I have ever seen.


What are your signature dishes?

California Caprese, Shakey Prawns and Fire Roasted Vegetable Pizza.


Which is your favourite Indian dish?

Sikandari Raan and Dal Bukhara.


What are the specials at the Mango Festival this time?

Mango Mania Mojito and Mango Immaculate Margarita are our special cocktails at CPK this year.

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