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Prasad Bidapa On Power Dressing 2014

In the Corporate world, the way you dress is the way you are perceived. Climbing up the corporate ladder gets that much easier when you are perfectly turned out and that certainly helps to level the playing field.

Does that mean spending huge sums of money on creating that power look of being totally in control? Yes and no.

You do need to invest in those perfect staples. The most important is that of the suit. Perfectly tailored out in the very best fabrics you can afford, the suit is what makes a statement about you the minute you enter the boardroom.

From the black of anthracite to the deepest greys, suit fabrics should drape beautifully, stay un-creased and dry clean beautifully. It's worth spending the extra bucks on the best Italian fabrics and having your suit made to measure at one of the better gentlemen's tailors in each city. Do order 2 pairs of trousers with each jacket - you would be surprised at what a difference this makes. We tend to wear the jacket far less so this makes sense.

My suggestion? A beautiful Armani style black suit in an Italian narrow cut. A deep blue pinstriped suit with a double breasted jacket and pleated pants. A navy blazer in the classic brass-buttoned look worn with relaxed grey flannel pants. A linen jacket in cream or eau-de-nil worn with matching linen slacks and an odd-coat in tweed which can even be worn with jeans or chinos. This combination of suits and jackets are the bedrock of your wardrobe - allowing you to be perfectly dressed for every occasion.

The perfect collection of shirts? A couple of white formals, pale or deep blue long sleeved button down collars, cream or pastel tones and a couple of pin striped classics will go with all the above suits. Always keep a fresh shirt packed in your briefcase for emergencies.  A couple of short sleeved linen or cotton blended shirts work well with linen suits.

It's worth buying the very best of accessories you can afford. Shoes must be well made and classic, never trendy or cheap. It's the oxford, the brogue and the ankle boot in brown or black which completes the look to perfection and always but always worn with dark formal socks.

The briefcase is an important component of power dressing. Fine leather burnished to a sheen in deep brown or black, with faultless brass details and classic designs you can never go wrong. Belts, wallets, key chains and other accessories are always best in leather. Cuff links add a superb touch of elegance & refinement. Jaipur silver shops offer semi-precious cabochon polished stones in silver settings - garnets look especially beautiful.

Watches are a reflection of a mans soul. This is a lifetime investment, a potential heirloom that can be worn with pride by your grandson in years to come. Dilip De, Bon Vivant and husband to one of India's sexiest grandmothers and authors Shobhaa De names the most desired watches in the world to be Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantine, Audemars Piguet or a Rolex, which is my personal favourite for its sheer masculinity and economy of design

Ties are a huge deal. To me the power tie is the classic club tie, striped in rich tones of burgundy or royal blue. Nothing too loud, never over-patterned, not too narrow or too wide. A perfect double knot takes practice and it's worth mastering. Bow- ties add a touch of whimsy and work well with tweedy odd coats or wool jackets

Red carpet events are part of our lifestyles now. The perfect tuxedo has a velvety grosgrain lapel and a narrow fit with slender trousers and a crisp white formal shirt. Do avoid clip on bow-ties and learn to tie one. Patent leather black shoes and sheer socks work well at luxury events.

Wear your clothes with style; don't let the clothes wear you. Impeccable grooming includes a quality haircut at a good salon with monthly manicures, pedicures and facials adding to that glow of success. Establish your authority with faultless dressing. Fragrances should be light, crisp & masculine. Freshness and cleanliness are hallmarks of a personality that is focused and confident.

So more power to you with our EXEC style tips. Enjoy!

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