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Why I Believe Bangalore’s Restaurant Scene Will Survive

The city’s cosmopolitan vibe is one of the many reasons. And no matter how many restaurants pop-up and disappear, wannabe restaurateurs continue to open the next restaurant.

Day six of the country-wide lockdown. Or is it day 106? I’ve lost the concept of time. Sitting at home and being forced into the mundane TV shows, I was watching Big Bang Theory. In season three Howard Wolowitz ordered a plate of Fish n’ Chips.

Now I was not hungry at that point of time. And I am well fed -- but by my own cooking and this is the problem. The lockdown is forcing me to stay indoors and depend on my culinary ken. 

Consequently, all I wanted was Fish ‘n’ Chips at Koshy’s. Right then.

I don’t miss socialising. Nor people.

But I miss the restaurant experience. The banter with the servers, the swirling of a wine glass at the table, the waft of Cafe Viennois at Cafe Noir, a sizzling steak at Hard Rock Cafe, those are a few of my favourite things.

I am not alone. I know so many of my fellow diners feel this way.

Hence, my conclusion. The Bangalore restaurant scene will survive the aftermath of the pandemic.

COVID 19 has killed businesses, but restaurants feel they’ve been hit the most. There is little room for pivoting into another business stream or the option to work from home which most other businesses provide. Restaurants forced into this lockdown feel like there is no recovering from the situation.

We’ve said enough about the hygiene that restaurants anyway exhibit, be it in a pandemic or not. (Read our stab at optimism here: https://bangalore.explocity.com/article/bangalore-restaurants-a-guide-to-whats-open-this-weekend/)

What makes Bangalore unique? Why have so many restaurateurs chosen this city in which to invest?

The city’s cosmopolitan vibe is one of the many reasons. And no matter how many restaurants pop-up and disappear, wannabe restaurateurs continue to open the next restaurant. 

The obvious question is why? What makes this city’s restaurant scene so vibrant?

Migrant Population

The population of Bangalore thanks to IT and other MNCs is largely migrant population that has moved here from other parts of the country and the world. This means that people are less likely to stay home and cook but go out and explore. Whether it is the thali joints, the economically friendly options or the Korean Barbecue joint, restaurants in Bangalore are usually always full through the week. 

No weekend concept

It’s probably this same mindset that makes it feel like everyday is a weekend in Bangalore. Try to get a table at Toit on any day of the week. Go on, I dare you. And this is a brewery and you’ll find the crowds throwing back a pint on all days. 

Seasoned Palate

Speaking to a lot of chef’s over the year’s Explocity has gathered a lot of information on what makes a restaurant tick for Bangaloreans. Without a question, most chefs agree that the typical Bangalorean is well travelled and educated on cuisines and food culture. They aren’t shy about trying new things and know when to ditch the chopsticks and when to pick up their sushi with their fingers. Twenty odd seasons of Masterchef Australia has taught Bangaloreans a thing or two. 

Ever Changing Landscape

The food scene in Bangalore is already so dynamic. We’re no stranger to restaurants shutting down and something else coming in its place. It just means there is something new for us to try and we Bangaloreans jump at this opportunity. Bangalore restaurateurs love to innovate. 

We don’t know for sure which restaurants will still be open once the lockdown is lifted but we do know, summer will be over in Bangalore and people will be ready for brunch. 

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