Sketchbooks as Healing

Bangalore International Centre

Sketchbooks as Healing

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Bangalore International Centre | Bangalore |

Oct 12 | 6 p.m.

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About Sketchbooks as Healing

Therapeutic aspects on keeping a sketchbook by Prashant Miranda

When drawing and writing become an everyday practice, you begin to see patterns that emerge over the years. These patterns are records of your moods and emotions, colour sensibilities over time, an evolution of your own personal style. In the session, Prashant Miranda will get the audience to participate in a few exercises and covert their scribbles into effective means of positive communication.

Sketchbooks as a Dream Journal: 

I have been recording my dreams since I was a child, not having a clue what some of these dreams meant. Sometimes they were interesting visuals, others unfolded as films, and more fantastical ones were pure flights of fancy. Over the years these dreams have provided much inspiration for my paintings, animation films, children’s books, and have also made sense and provided invaluable insight into my life only many years later.