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15 Cooking Hacks From Professional Chefs

If you are the sorts that can’t even fry an egg but have to depend on cooking your meals, these 15 cooking hacks from professional chefs will make your life much easier.

From simple dishes like frying fish to more complicated things like a pie dough dessert, these hacks will get you closer to being the home chef you fancy yourself to be. Something simple like mashed potatoes. The ones you order in the restaurant are so creamy. Add some cream is the logical explanation. But you try it at home and it comes out all lumpy. One of the chefs hacks is to start with dry potatoes over moist potatoes. This will help to make the mashed potatoes creamier and remove lumps. Who would have thought?
These chefs seem to have all sorts of hacks up their sleeves. Watch this video to replicate their techniques and be the envy at your next potluck.