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Aromi By Chef Vittorio Greco At Ottimo

Aromi is the Italian word for “aroma” which will be plentiful at the food promotion by Chef Vittorio Greco at Ottimo, the authentic Italian outfit at ITC Gardenia. We don’t use the word “authentic” lightly, but in the case of this restaurant, it seems fitting. And the reason the restaurant will be filled with aromas from the edible perfumes distilled by Chef Greco.

These handmade perfumes are made with Italian herbs like Thyme, Rosemary, and Oregano. Dishes from this exclusive menu will be paired with the perfumes to complete your sensory dining experience. For instance, for those familiar with the Ottimo menu, the Burrata with Yellow Bell Peppers Sauce and Lavender will be paired with Lavender Salt and Garlic Oil.

Similarly, Smoked Scallops with Pork Belly and Cauliflower Puree is served with Cedar Wood Oil, Black Pepper and Rosemary Salt. The Risotto with Smoked Mushrooms and Black Pepper Oil is paired with Cedar Wood Salt and Black Pepper Oil.

Desserts are also paired with interesting combinations like the Strawberry Gelato with Bergamot Scented Sponge and Black Pepper and Thyme Honey is served with Black Pepper and Thyme Honey and Bergamot Oil. The Cannoli with Smoked Ricotta and Candied Lemon is served with Cedar Wood Honey and Sicilian Essence.

You can get a taste of this exclusive menu till 21 January, 2018. The a la carte menu is available for dinner alone.

Make a reservation by calling +91 80 4345 5000