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Beaches, Beer, Bebinca And A Whole Lot Of Goan Fish Curry

Beaches, beer, bebinca and a whole lot of Goan fish curry. That's Goa for you, in encapsulated in a couple of sentences. (Except it’s hard to say, “encapsulated” when you’re in a whole lot of chill.)

Goan cuisine is enticing. It’s about rice, seafood, pork, vinegar, coconut milk, tamarind, kokum, cashews and red Goan chillies. Add beer and bebinca to this cocktail of indulgence and your mental acuity is impolite to describe. Good for beaches.

But Chef Bernadine, visiting the JW Marriott from Goa, told Explocity, "The main features of Goan cuisine are the flavours produced from the blend of unique spices in each dish. The technique used is the home-style cooking."

JW Kitchen is hosting a a ten-day Goan food festival, bringing to the table all the delights of the much-loved Konkani dishes.

Beaches, Beer, Bebinca And A Whole Lot Of Goan Fish Curry

While modern Goan food has been masala’d into Indian hearts, its colonial influences are fascinating, as a consequence of having been an important port on international trade routes. A blend of Portuguese, Indian, Arabic and Asian influences have played their part on creating dishes like Chicken Xacuti, Chicken Cafreal, Prawn Balchao, Ros Omelette, Fish Recheado, Vindaloo, Sorpotel and of course the famous Goan curries. "The Goan Curry is the much loved dish from Goa," Bernadine said, "and, its origin can be traced back to the era of Portuguese colonization."

The Goan curry is made largely with seafood. The fish is usually marinated in lemon and salt. A masala paste is made with ingredients like tamarind, chillies, garlic, coconut, coriander seeds, cumin seeds etc. Onions and chillies are added to the masala and it is cooked, after which the fish is added. This dish is usually enjoyed with unpolished Goan rice.

"I have enjoyed this dish best with steamed rice," says Chef Bernadine. "Since, my childhood I have been enjoying this dish on my weekends, when the entire family gets together and we cook."

What: Goan Food Festival

Where: JW Kitchen, Lobby level

When: 6th to 15th April, 2018,  7:30 PM Onwards

Price- 2000 plus taxes

For More Details Contact- 8884494035